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Fastback Binding System

Fastback binders and accessories enable you to create stylish, professional-looking books and documents in a matter of minutes. Indeed, the Fastback range of binding machines uses a revolutionary thermal adhesive bind to create strong, beautiful tape binding, and bookstore-quality hardcovers and paperbacks (perfect binding).

Our Fastback Products

We provide a complete range of Fastback binding machinesFoil printing on coversHard-Backed Book Creation Systems and Fastback supplies such as Fastback strips and binding covers.

Whether you need to bind just a few documents at a time or a thousand, there is a Fastback binding machine for you. Speed, ease of use and quality of finish are what makes Fastback unique.

Fastback Binding Machine

Fastback 20 Automatic Binding Machine

The Fastback 20 is the ideal thermal plastic binding machine for all corporations, financial institutions, copy shops, print environments, or education establishments that require professional-looking presentations, yearbooks or bound documents.

Fastback 9 Automatic Binding Machine

The Fastback 9 handles both tape binding and hardcover book binding and is a great choice for the small office/home office (SOHO). It's also suitable for companies that do not have a central copy shop, and require that each department handle its own binding. 

Fastback Automatic Binder

Fastback Custom Cover Creator

With the Image Wrapper you can make custom hard covers, quickly and easily, one at a time, in any office environment. With very little effort, it is possible to produce customized hard covers without messy glues, or heavy, expensive equipment.

Fastback Custom Cover Creator
Fastback Scorer

Fastback Scorer For Perfect Binding

Just place your bound book between the Book Thickness Rings and adjust the width to match. The Fastback Scoring Machine is now ready to produce perfect scores every time.

Fastback Supplies

Full range of supplies including speed strips, L-Strips, Perfect Binding, Super Strips, Comb Strips and Hard covers. 

Fastback Supplies