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24/7 Protection against Bacteria & Viruses

Touchshield™ is a transparent clear, watermarked self-adhesive film that is easily integrated into any workplace or public environment. It is designed to subtly blend into its surroundings, but is also distinguishable with its optional watermarked finish.

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Certified Virsus Protection

Touchshield™ has a specially developed germ fighting top coating that utilises silver ion technology and offers up to 99% protection against bacteria (certified to ISO 22196) and 99.99% against viruses (certified to ISO 21702).




Research has proven that surfaces require thorough disinfecting every two hours to maintain a safe level of protection against bacteria and viruses. Cleaning is not required on any surfaces covered by TouchShield™. The film is self-sanitising by nature, which reduces the cost for cleaning.







The film contains an anti-microbial coating that includes silver-ion, which is the active ingredient for destroying micro-organisms. The TouchShield™ technology kills any bacteria or virus that comes into contact with the surface and prevents it from being able to spread. Research shows that viruses can live on smooth surfaces such as screens and plastic for up to 28 days, but the use of TouchShield™ is designed to kill the virus on contact!






ISO certified for both Bacteria and Viruses. Its 99% effective when tested for bacteria, and 99.9% effective when tested for viruses. Furthermore, its certfied by ECHA, biocidal products regulation (EU) 528 / 2012, which ensures a high level of protection for humans and the environment.





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Labelling machine for school books

Subtle Blending, giving distinguished Trust & Assurance!

What you need!

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Save Money - Buy Cut - Lengths

No matter what the size of your project we can supply the cut-lengths to suit. Choose from

  • 75mm to 1270mm wide
  • Watermarked or Plain
  • Any Length
  • Polyester or PVC

All you have to do is peel and stick.

Ideal for "High Touch Point" locations within your premises.

It is a perfect solution for highly-used surfaces, such as door handles, touch screens, handrails, trolley handles and touch dispensers. Any surfaces that employees or visitors commonly touch are potentially spreading bacteria and viruses, but this innovative film will vastly reduce any risk.watermarked, self-adhesive surface Protection Film.


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E-Leonardo Fully Automatic Machine

Anti-Bacterial + Anti-Virus

Give you staff the assurance that their work place is safe. Certified assurance for a safe and clean work place


Watermarked surface gives your staff reassurances that they are protected

Clear Watermark


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